Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar Essay
By Anonymous

“Hold thou my sword hilts whilst I run on it” (5.5.32). Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a tragedy about the details surrounding the death of Caesar and the deaths of the conspirators. This tragedy involves a tragic hero, a hero whose strengths cause his downfall. The tragic hero is Brutus because he is virtuous, his morals cause him to kill Caesar, and his morals ultimately kill him. In the beginning of Julius Caesar, Brutus was known as an honorable man who cared more about the state of Rome than anyone else did. When Cassius was talking to Brutus, he mentioned that he knows Brutus has “virtue to be in him” (1.2.97). Brutus was well known for his integrity- enough that others praised him for that. This allowed him to be easily manipulated if he believed it was for the greater good. It was because of this weakness that Cassius wanted to have Brutus join him in his conspiracy. This was done in order to legitimize his conspiracy. During the time when Cassius began to convince Brutus to join the conspiracy, Brutus tells the belief, he would “rather be a villager” (1.2.181) than to live under tyranny. This shows that Brutus would sacrifice everything to prevent Rome’s fall, and it’s rise to tyranny. Only a man who was incredible virtuous would sacrifice his social status and way of life just to protect his country. As the story advanced, Brutus’ morals caused him to kill Caesar to save Rome. Brutus was a senator elected by the people. Because of the responsibilities associated with this, Brutus was entrusted to represent the ideas of the population. While Brutus was resting at his home, he found a petition asking him to “speak, strike, and redress” (2.1.58). Since Brutus read several petitions (despite the petitions being written by Cassius) asking him to get rid of Caesar, Brutus begins to believe that the people want him to get rid of Caesar because Caesar is threatening the Roman people. Brutus...
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