Julius Caesar

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Julius Caesar, raised in a well-known patrician family, was the one responsible for the fall of the Roman Republic. Nevertheless, he is regarded as a great leader and politician who after a campaign against Pompey became a consul. He is also famous for conquering Gaul and marvelously written diaries describing his war efforts. All Rome's sovereigns after him took the "Caesar" title, probably hoping that a part of his fame would become there as well. The start of Julius Caesar political crisis, In 79 BC, when Sulla died, Caesar returned to Rome to start his political career in the conventional way, by acting as a prosecuting advocate- of course, in his case, against prominent Sullen counter-revolutionaries. But this action didn't result in any positive way - Caesar didn't became famous nor did he had bigger chances of being chosen for an office, so he set out for Rhodes in 78 BC. He was kidnapped by pirates during his trip and released after 40 days after the ransom had been paid. He returned to Miletus where he quickly raised a naval force and started a war against the rulers of the seas he won and had his captors crucified. He came back to Rome in 68 BC to his daughter Julia's funeral, which he used for political reasons. This encountered his wife's opposition, but Caesar didn't pay attention to it. His wife died the same year. Afterwards, Caesar travelled around the Empire trying to start a revolution. After his plans had failed he returned to Rome and married Pompei, a distant relative of Pompey. It was a political marriage, which allowed Caesar to become Pompey's closer associate. At the same time Caesar established an agreement with Pompey's enemy - Marcus Licinius Crassus. In 65 BC Caesar became one of the curule audiles. He took many loans at that time and organized Olympics, thanks to which he became famous. Two years later he became the head priest, but this election was highly controversial. Caesar also was a part of Cataline’s conspiracy, which aimed...
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