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“Were Cassius and Brutus Justified in Killing Julius Caesar?”| |


Madelein Luciano
World Literature, Period 2
Research Paper
March 10, 2012
Were Cassius & Brutus Justified in Killing Caesar?
Cassius and Brutus, two partners in crime, literally. They were successful in killing Julius Caesar, however, were they justified? In the eyes of many, they were not, yet, their reasoning was substantial. The reason Cassius and Brutus were justified in the killing of Julius Caesar is the fact that they did to benefit the Roman Republic. It may not make sense at first, but think about it. They did it for the better of the people. They saw it as not harming the people but helping them.

In Act I, Scene II, Cassius mentions the stories of him and Caesar. When he says, “and this man is now become a god, and Cassius is a wretched creature, and must bend his body if Caesar carelessly but nod on him,” this shows Cassius’s jealousy towards Caesar, which is confusing when trying to answer this question. You have to separately look at each individual as to what their exact reasoning is.

First come Brutus. He states on page six of Act 1, Scene II that he fears “the people choose Caesar for their king.” This statement alone proves the fact that he is looking out for the good of the people. Once you go deeper into the story, you see how he turns down the advice of Cassius numerous amounts of time. This shows you that Brutus is more of a level headed man. He takes every single thing into consideration before making a definite decision about something. When it comes to the decision of killing Julius Caesar, Cassius suggests to Brutus that they also kill Marcus Antonius; Brutus shuts down his idea immediately. His reason for this being that it would simply be too much to kill both him and Julius Caesar. Now when Brutus is asked his reasoning for killing Caesar, he uses the “for good of Rome.” He also mentions that if Caesar were to be elected as king, he...
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