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Adopt A Pet Essay
Julie Bishop
LAE1 Language & Communications

Adopt A Pet
Julie Bishop

What pet to choose? A guinea pig of course!
I grew up on a farm and experienced the care and maintenance of many different kinds of animals. There were cows, pigs, horses, chickens, goats, and ducks, dogs, cats and probably some I don’t even remember. I do remember how much work it was to take care of these animals. I think this experience gives me a different perspective on animals than most people, I always think of how much work will be involved when acquiring a new pet. The rest of my family just thinks about the cuteness factor. Any animal can be cute, but some of them aren’t as difficult to manage as others. So I have two requirements now for a pet, the cuteness factor of course and low maintenance, I believe pets should be fun not hard work. Since my childhood on the farm days I have raise a family with children who loved animals. We have had a wide variety of pets, there have been, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, hedge hogs, chinchillas, and parakeets, just to name a few. The best pet of all these are guinea pigs. They are great for kids of all ages including adults. I have never seen a child that didn’t fall in love with them immediately, they usually want to pick them up and hold them all the time because they are so lovable, they will literally lie in your arms and let you pet them for hours if you want to spend that much time with them. You can spend as much or little time with them as you want, they love attention but are just fine without it. If you don’t have much time to spend with your pig you might want to purchase two pigs instead of one because they are very social animals and love company. Guinea pigs are comparable to having a puppy that doesn’t grow up, they stay small guinea pigs are about the size of or smaller than a puppy when they are grown. They don’t bark but do make cute little squeaking...
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