Julian Williams' Essay The New Breed

Topics: Childhood, Short story, Parent Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: October 14, 2007
Julian Williams' essay "The New Breed" talks about a person and his experiences within a group of people at a bar and on a subway. This story relates to a person, who not only was drunk on the subway, but relates to the violent rages and disrespectfulness of teenage girls in society. Not only does this story expresses concerns for how teenagers are acting in society, but also describes the dysfunction of how today's parents are really teaching their children.

The essay starts with a group of people hanging out in a bar every Thursday night. These people ranged from college professors to former Wall Street Analysts discussing relatively hot issues in society. These people, especially the former Wall Street Analysts, Nicole, discuss about issues concerning parenting and raising their children. The author explains how he was confronted by a group of teenage girls on the subway and how terrifying this experience was for him. After going on about this one girl, who is the leader of the group, talking all about how to beat up people and hurt them, he was faced with a confrontation of his own self. The girl decides to become louder and angrier towards the drunken person, who became confrontational and assaulted the young teenage girl. In the end, he felt so sorry and embarrassed about the assault and the fact that nothing really bad happened to him up to the point that he cancelled his own class for the evening. Should he have felt embarrassed for his actions?

Should he have assaulted this young girl? In a sense, I believe he had every right to at least confront the girl. He felt that he was being violated of his self being. He felt that this girl was being very disrespectful and rude to him and the other people on the train and society. However, he should have felt embarrassed of the fact that he was drunk and he should have not laid his hands on somebody else's child. Other than that, I believe that he had equal opportunity to confront this girl if...
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