Julian Assange

Topics: United States, Solitary confinement, Grand jury Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: January 15, 2011
Julian Assange: WikiLeaks faces 'very aggressive' investigation by US Organisation's founder says he is reliant on public opinion to rein in 'superpower that does not appear to be following rule of law' WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange holds up a copy of the Guardian as he addreses media in the grounds of Ellingham Hall in Norfolk. Photograph: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images WikiLeaks faces a "very aggressive" and secretive investigation by US authorities stung by a perceived loss of face following the release of thousands of secret American diplomatic cables, the organisation's founder, Julian Assange, said today. Speaking to reporters outside Ellingham Hall, the Norfolk house at which he is staying on bail following his release from prison, Assange said WikiLeaks faced "what appears to be an illegal investigation ... certain people who are alleged to be affiliated to us have been detained, followed around, had their computers seized and so on". He said he believed it was "80% likely" that the US authorities were seeking to prepare an attempt to have him extradited there to face charges of espionage. He added that he was reliant on public opinion to rein in "a superpower that does not appear to be following the rule of law". "I would say that there is a very aggressive investigation, that a lot of face has been lost by some people, and some people have careers to make by pursuing famous cases, but that is actually something that needs monitoring," he said. He criticised the way Swedish authorities have sought to have him extradited to Sweden to face allegations of sexual assault – the reason he was held in jail for 10 days. "That is something that actually needs monitoring, it needs scrutiny," he said. "We have seen this with the Swedish prosecutor in representations to the British government here, and the British courts say that it did not need to provide a shred of evidence – said this three times – and in fact has provided nothing, not a single shred of evidence...
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