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Julia Alvarez, The Dominican Republic

Julia Alvarez was born in March 27,1950 in New York City, NY, but was raised in the Dominican Republic. Julia attended school in the United States. She graduated from Middlebury College in 1971 and went on to earn her master’s degree from Syracuse University in 1075. Julia then became a famous poet and novelist. One of her short stories she had written was “Liberty,” published in 1996. It was mostly set in the Dominican Republic during the late 1050’s and 1960’s showing the frustration of the lack of liberty and the political troubles that was happening. The short story also mainly tells the important life story of the family that is caused by the dictorship, “El Jefe.”

The short story, “Liberty,” by Julia Alvarez starts of by a family that is going through a hard situation in the Dominican Republic. Their hope is finding liberty in the United States with their family. One day the father arrives home with a new member to the house, a black and white puppy that Mister Victor had given to the family as a appreciation for what they had done for the for the American Consul. the mother is not happy at all with the dog. She thinks that the dog will be nothing but trouble. The father reclaims that its luck, since it was given from Mister Victor that helps families get visas. He will keep the dog and name it “Liberty.” Symbolically, the dog will represent the luck and hope that will be given to the family for liberty and the visas that they have been trying to move away from the Dominican Republic political troubles.

“Eh, Liberty, you are a lucky sign, the father had said after naming the dog. Meaning the same quotes as the U.S.A. Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. The father and the family dreams of having freedom and a life with more opportunities. The family had noticed that they had liberty ahead of them once the visas had arrived in the mail.
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