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Topics: Individual, Hero, Individualism Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Alex Censullo
Period 5 AP Lit
31 January 2013
A Modest Proposal: The Idolization of Heroes and Conformity
It has come to my attention that those who seek the arduous prospect of change, in the quest for the progress of humanity, have stopped looking around them. These wrongful individuals seem to be possessed by the notion that they can indeed be their own person, that they do not need a hero to look up to. Society itself remains the victim to these tragic, degrading circumstances. As a result, those rightfully conforming to the society around them are being criticized and judged for their compliance among the masses.

We can all attest to the fact that some people are just perfect. These truly exemplary individuals are the prime examples of a certain justification of excellence, prestige, and stature. They do nothing wrong, have no harmful thoughts, subscribe to no demeaning causes. Perfection in human form. Yet many have forgotten about the importance of these heroes as they attempt to become their own person driven by an outrageous impression that you can believe what you wish to believe. Pretty damn outrageous if you ask me.

On a personal level, my heroes, above everything else, have pushed me towards my goals, my aspirations. My parents have not shaped me in any way that I can truly be thankful for. My friends have always tried to deter me from becoming who I was destined to be. But my heroes have always been there for me. My heroes have never and will never let me down like the ordinary members of society have always managed to do.

We must not believe what they are telling us in school. That individualism is necessary, that revolutionary thought can flourish in the world. You may ask, how can progress occur if we only rely on our heroes for guidance? Conformity is progress. The world is falling apart because of the audacity of the individual. At Mount Si High School, of the fifteen hundred students that walk the halls each day, half of...
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