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JUHAYNA was founded in 1983 with a paid-up capital of L.E. 1.296 million Egyptian pounds. JUHAYNA is a dynamic regional organization whose principal business is developing, manufacturing, and marketing dairy and fruit products that provide excellent value for its customers. The brand name JUHAYNA was carefully chosen to reflect the mission and vision of the company and its shareholders. The name JUHAYNA was taken from the well-known Arabic Saying: JUHAYNA Has The Sure News". This saying is based on the old Arabic Legend that during wartime, a Bedouin tribe in the Arabian Peninsula by the name of JUHAYNA , used to act as an Enemy Watch Guard that provided early warning signals for tribes. JUHAYNA used to occupy leading positions in mountains and valleys watching enemies and quickly reporting back to tribes' leaders about coming threats. Hence, JUHAYNA was looked-upon as the trustworthy source of news and information due to its leadership position in the battlefield. The mechanism of being in a leading position in the battlefield gained the JUHAYNA tribe the trust of other surrounding tribes. The actual production started in 1987 with a production capacity of 35 tons per day. Initially, the brand name JUHAYNA product mix included Milk (Full & Half Cream), Plain Yogurt, and Juice (Orange, Mango, Cocktail, Pineapple, Apple, and Blackberry).

Swot Analysis

JUHAYNA has strengths points which are good financial resources to be able to produce and compete with the others. JUHAYNA has a good developing department which able them to attract more customers than other competitors. JUHAYNA has a good healthy image in the markets which also attract more and more customers. JUHAYNA used the 3 level strategies which involve: wholesalers and retailers, that able them to distribute well in the market.

Factories in JUHAYNA do not contain adequate security to protect against disasters, as happened a few months in one of the largest...
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