Juggling: Optimize Overall Performance in Life by Broadening Focus

Topics: Left-handedness, Human brain, Handedness Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: April 7, 2002
A Princeton researcher, Les Fehme (Brain/Mind Bulletin vol. 8, no. 9. May 1983), suggest we can optimize our overall performance in life by broadening our focus. Juggling is one excellent way to do that. He claims most people have a narrow focus, a lack of awareness of their own body sensations or emotions. This narrow focus can be very absorbing and useful, as when talking on the telephone, driving a motorcycle or getting a massage. It is as if nothing else exists except that. When learning how to juggling, the narrow focus can be directed at a certain ball or pin. This narrow focus agrees with observations that we live in a society which sees things as fragments rather than holistic. But things are changing. And just maybe, juggling is helping to change it. In 1983 a Canadian researcher, Justine Sergent, from McGill University in Montreal, found evidence, which challenges the notion of left brain being analytic and right brain being holistic. Instead, her findings show the left hemisphere better at detailed processing (the narrow focus) and the right hemisphere better at larger aspects of perception. These findings found also both sides of the brain were analytic and holistic. The study further suggested, because as a society we "see" life and things as fragments (a ball or pin instead of the pattern), this may explain why there are more right-handed people. A recent "striking" discovery according to one researcher, Brenda Spiegler of Children's Hospital in Washington, D.C. (Brain/Mind Bulletin vol. 19, no. 6. March 1984) showed left-handedness on the increase. Not only that, but according to a test performed at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, lefties scored higher in creativity than right-handers regardless of age. It went on to explain four aspects of creativity -- flexibility, fluency, originality and elaboration. Since the right hemisphere is normally associated with creativity, then any activity which helps to awaken this suppressed hemisphere is...

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