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Parents need to know that this big-screen adaptation of Megan McDonald's popular kids' books follows elementary schooler Judy Moody as she experiences a summer of fun that's fine for younger audiences, especially those familiar with the stories. The humor does veer toward the potty variety -- expect a couple of scatological words like "crap" and the sight of Judy covered in blue vomit and a toad peeing on her friend -- but otherwise there's not much that parents are likely to find objectionable. And Judy learns a valuable lesson: that having a meaningful summer isn't about ticking off "thrilling" activities on a chart but rather enjoying your family and each day's adventures.The Judy Moody books are always a delight to share with early readers, but the movie doesn't capture the joy of Judy. Rather than coming across as a young spitfire with a fantastic imagination, Judy seems more jealous and whiny. And even though Beatty is a charming young actress, the spark that makes Judy an early-elementary favorite doesn't translate to the big screen. There's just not much to the plot (who doesn't want to have a good summer?), and the lack of dramatic tension (the only thing getting in Judy's way is herself) makes this less exciting than you'd expect.

Graham looks like she's having fun as she plays the stereotypical free-spirited relative who adds some spontaneity to the Moody household, but it's not enough. Jaleel White (who once played TV's ever-popular Steve Urkel) has a supporting role as Judy's teacher, who tasks his class with a riddle and a mission to find him over the summer. He's always good for a laugh or two, but the subplot doesn't hold much interest. This movie may not be a bummer for first graders, but anyone much older may be more bored than amused.
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