judith write and bruce dawe essay

Topics: Poetry, Metaphor, Simile Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: March 5, 2014
Judith wright
The first Australian poet I am going to talk about is Judith wright. The first poem I am going to talk about from wright is called the surfer. The second poet that I am going to write about is Bruce Dawe. The poem from Dawe that I am going to do is called weapons training. Judith wright successful Australian poet she started writing poetry at the age of six but on started publishing poetry in the late 1930’s. Most of wright’s poetry was written in war time. The main theme of wright’s poetry was the awareness of time, death and evil on a universal scale. In “The surfer” wright describes a surfer’s passion for the beach her admiration for his skill, her appreciation of the natural beauty of the scene and the changing mood of the ocean as day fade to evening. Wright uses a number of techniques in her poetry one of the techniques in “the surfer” is alliteration she shows this with the example. Hawthorn hedges in spring, thorns in the face stinging. The effect that this example gives is that the water is so cold that it feels like the water is stinging your whole body. Another technique that wright uses in “the surfer” is repetition one of the examples of repetition she uses is Muscle of arm thrust down long muscle of water. The effect that this example gives is that the surfer is paddling out in the surf and his arm thrust through the water. Some other techniques that wright uses are similes. The example of a simile in “the surfer” is the gulls went wheeling in air as he in water. The effect that has is that it is just natural for the surfer to be in water as it is for the gulls to fly. Wright also uses metaphors in her poem and example of a metaphor from “the surfer” is the grey wolf sea lies, snarling. The effect this metaphor gives is that the sea is a apex predator and can’t be controlled. To sum up wright’s poem “the surfer” I think that she has done a good job and used her creative language well to produce a well-structured poem that uses a...
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