Judith Slaying Holfernes

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Judith slaying Holofernes
In this painting I see two women over a man. It looks like one of them has a knife and they are stabbing the man in the neck. The other woman looks to be holding down the man that is being stabbed. The man is laying on the bed with a woman over him with a red dress on and a woman to his right with a blue dress on. The man has his hand on the woman in the blue dress’s face. It looks like he is trying to get her off of him. The woman above him is holding him down and the woman to the right is stabbing him in the neck. The one doing the stabbing seems to take much delight in it, as well as the one who is holding him down. Both of the women look like they are struggling to hold down the man who is bigger than them. The man has a blue sheet wrapped around his waist and his chest is bare. The background of the painting is a brownish greenish color. The man is laying on a white sheet and there is blood dripping down the sheet because he has been stabbed in the neck. The painting I am describing is “Judith Slaying Holofernes.”

The two visual elements that I see in this painting are color and lines. There are different colors in this painting. The first color that stands out to me is the blue and red in the women’s dresses. The woman who is doing the stabbing has on a blue dress and the woman who is holding the man down has on a red dress. The red color of the blood on the white sheet also stands out a lot in this picture. The background is a greenish color and the sheet around the man is white and also there is black cover on him. The color of their skin is a pale white color. The bed that he is in is a tan color. There are lines in this painting. The knife is a line going into the man’s neck. There are curvy lines on the women’s dresses. There are also other lines like the curvy lines of the hat of the women in red. The two most obvious principles of design that I see in this painting are balance emphasis. This artwork contains balance...

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Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., 2013. Web. 10 Apr. 2013.
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