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Topics: Leadership, Judgment, Management Pages: 9 (3595 words) Published: March 10, 2010
Judgment is the essence of effective leadership. Consistently making judgments is the most critical thing for a leader to do within an organization. Without good leadership, poor judgment arises. Leaders who consistently show poor judgment mostly fail, even with high education or positive skills he or she may have. Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis shows his audiences the definition of judgment and the leadership judgment process and provide real examples of leaders using terrific and also unskillful judgment calls in various situations. This book breaks into different categories in showing examples of how people make judgment calls through tough times. It is full of compelling stuff that is enriched by a subtle attention to even good decisions sometimes unpredictable aftermath and the need for redo loops. Judgment is a contextually informed decision-making process with three domains; people, strategy and crisis. Great leaders seek and gain self-knowledge, learn to teach their point of view and create those around them into their teachers. Judgment entails not just wide experience and the right values, but also the ability to acknowledge and correct mistakes to put in place channels of communication that cut through and across hierarchies.

A leader’s judgment can make or break the organization. Tichy and Bennis contended that judgment is a three-part process: preparing, making the call, and executing. You first frame the issue that will demand a judgment call so that your team members understand why the decision is important. Then you make the call in making the decision and explain it thus carrying out your decision while learning and adjusting along the way. Each phase is crucial and each offers redo loops whereas opportunities to correct mistakes. The author makes a strong fact-based case and focuses in information and influences the audiences and teams with the stakeholders that surrounds a great leader during times requiring major judgment calls. A leader is a teacher in which they use their TPOV, teachable point of view, to make others around them become a teacher themselves. For instance, Jack Welch, CEO of GE Company, is a master teacher that promoted a culture of continuous teaching by other executives in the company. It is important to have a storyline for successful judgments. Leaders need a clear context because any judgment call could lead to different outcomes. To develop a storyline that describes a company’s identity and direction, it consists of three elements: idea, values and energy. The leader plays a key role in developing the storyline for a team or organization and he or she needs to be ready if changes are needed to be made immediately. Tichy and Bennis gives the most important message of the book that leaders must focus on creating a point of view and align their team and stakeholders around it well in advance of the immediate need for personal, strategic and crisis calls.

At some point in our lives, we’ve had to make an important decision with uncertain outcomes and we fill the gaps with our personal judgment. After reading this influential judgment book, I’ve learned to make my decisions by taking different steps to approach the best outcome possible. Both authors describe the concept of judgment as a contextually informed process of decision making that covers three distinct areas: people, strategy and crisis. Within these areas are preparation, the call and executing. Using this technique will help me apply my knowledge into executing better decision therefore producing good judgment call.

Producing great decisions is a more ongoing process than a single action. The authors divided decision making into a three stage process: preparation, call and execution. In using this process, the leaders analyze freely or redo steps as needed. The more important part is not getting everything right immediately, but moving continually and inexorably in the right direction. People, strategy and crisis are...
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