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The Judgment
From Webster Dictionary:
JUDGEMENT is an act of judging; decision; sentence; good sense. VI. THE JUDGMENT
To judge is a vague content of knowledge without an encounter. Example: I may say that “he” is “intelligent” and someone else also said “he is intelligent”. This judgment should be provided by a qualifier to determine the judgement. The use of:

“he” as pronoun/subject
“is” as verb
“intelligent| as predicate
Thus the judgment is also the expression of the fact that the subject belongs to the extension of the predicate THE NECESSITY OF MANY JUDGMENTS
Judgment does not merely express the comprehension of the subject by means of a predicate but many judgments need an encounter in an act of “knowing”. In the example: “Peter is mortal”, “Peter is intelligent” –it showed many judgments to express the encounter. In the example “Peter is Peter” –this shows vagueness . This shows TAUTOLOGY-is a way to express something by repeating or saying it in a different way

THE VERBAL Copula “Is”
The judgment is not only a dismemberment of the encounter which is knowledge. Example: “This is heavy”
The JUDGMENT, therefore, not only expresses the subject’s comprehension in a concept, but also places the subject under the predicate’s extension and in addition, declares that the subject and the predicate are identical in the terminus of the encounter In Mathematical Expression:

Line A = Line B does not mean that it is not a judgment.
Mathematical expressions are also judgment through formula. Every judgment , however states an identity.
Kind of “Translations” is necessary to reveal the declaration of identity contained in mathematical statements.
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