Jude C. Okpala Analyzes Things Fall Apart

Topics: Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, 175 Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: March 27, 2006
Jude Chudi Okpala analyzes Achebe's Things Fall Apart in her article for Callaloo. In the 2002 essay, she explains different hermeneutics – or study of the bible's methodology – that are featured in Achebe's story. She also discusses metaphysics and Igbo metaphysics. She looks at what these two have to do with the story. A theme that is common throughout the text is also analyzed as well.

One of the hermeneutics she mentioned is the linguistic repetition, which "argues for the illegitimacy of any anthropological interpretation of text" (Okpala 559). This means that because analyzing the text from an anthropologic perspective should not be considered trust worthy. Do not just depend on this text being authentic because of one perspective. Another of the hermeneutic form mentioned "explores the historical and cultural contexts of the novel" (559). It looks beyond what Achebe wrote in his novel. It looks at what things outside of the text influenced the world of Things Fall Apart. With these three hermeneutics, the author "shall…explore the text with the intention of showing how Achebe uses metaphysics in his narrative imagination" (559). Metaphysics, defined by Okpala, is the final degree of abstraction (559).

Igbo metaphysics is "a thought-system which recognizes the reality and independent existence" (560). Okpala describes Dualism as "a principle of Igbo metaphysics, which underscores the interaction of physical and non-physical beings in human personality" (560). This dualism "is well revealed in this vernacular: wherever something stands, something else will stand beside it" Dualism is a principle of Igbo metaphysics, and is used to describe under lying theme of the interaction between physical and non-physical – mental and/or spiritual -aspects of a person's personality. That sentence "Wherever...beside it." reflects that idea of dualism perfectly.

When Achebe uses metaphysics in Things Fall Apart, there are many references to chi -...
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