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Analysis of Migratory Flow from Germany to the U.S
Anthony Wells

When viewing the history of immigrants from Germany to USA in the evidence of reports presented by US census. I follow a certain hierarchy by defining a chart of time line indicating the amount of immigrants entering USA from Germany. Keeping in consideration the chart I define push and pull factors for every decade. When the push and pull factors are highlighted in detail, I define the current status of the immigrants throughout history, whether they stayed in America or went back to their homeland. In the third phase, I define the immigrants and their common problems. In this phase, I further elaborate whether the German immigrants faced these problems in USA or not? In the fourth phase, I define the impact of culture of both countries in the German - American people and their contribution in the development of USA. In this phase, I further define the culture blend which has taken place in the course of history and the current status of German – American culture. In this phase, the location of German populated areas of USA is also highlighted. In conclusion, I define the current position of immigrants in USA, reasons of the decline of immigrants in USA and the overall impact immigrations has [produced in the lives of German – Americans and American society. Analysis of Migratory Flow from Germany to the U.S

|Period |All Countries |Germany |Percentage of German Immigrants | |Of | | | | |Year | | | | |1901-1910 |8,795.4 |341.5 |3.9% | |1911-1920 |5,735.8 |143.9 |2.5% | |1921-1930 |4,107.2 |412.2 |10.0% | |1931-1940 |528.4 |114.1 |21.6% | |1941-1950 |1,035.0 |226.6 |21.9% | |1951-1960 |2,515.5 |477.8 |19.0% | |1961-1970 |3,321.7 |190.8 |5.7% | |1971-1980 |4,493.3 |74.4 |1.7% | |1981-1990 |7,338.1 |92.0 |1.3% | |1991-2000 |9,095.4 |92.6 |1.0% |

USA since its birth has been welcoming Immigrants from all over the world because of its dismal population and a thriving economy. The emigration of Germans into the USA had begun in the year 1683 but due to lack of documentation in the early era the data is not available. The reasons of emigration in each era were very different from the previous one. The first Immigrants migrated on religious grounds this procedure was continued for few hundred years, then lifestyle in USA became one of the primary reasons and later on the job, work and education became the reason of emigration. The chart below defines the percentage of German Immigrants with...

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