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Darlene Branconier
July 31st, 2012
David Gainey

Judaism is among the oldest of the world's major living religious cultures of the Jewish. Rich in culture and history Judaism is the first of three (including Christianity and Islam) monotheistic religions; teaching in the belief in one God. There is a cultural and religious spirit that contributes to the characterization of the Jewish people and the Jewish lifestyle. Influenced by Jewish history, the Jewish festival of Purim is celebration of deliverance from Haman’s plot to massacre the Jewish people and is observed differently within the contemporary branches of Judaism. The historic origin of Purim was established approximately 2,300 years ago. Based in Persia, the story of how Purim came to be is told in the book of Esther and recounts how a chain of events resulted in saving the Jewish people from Hamman’s evil plot to annihilate the Persian Jews. Hamman was advisor to the king of Persia. Of the king’s harems of wives, it was Esther who was queen. Esther had a cousin named Mordechai, a Jew who refused to bow down to Hamman. The king granted Hamman favor in which Hamman plotted to kill the Jews. Mordechai approached Esther asking for help with the king to foil Hamman’s evil plot. Esther, afraid for her life agreed to do what she could for she too was a Jew. To approach the king without an invitation was death. To prepare Esther fasted for three days upon which she approached the king where at once she was given an audience. Esther asked only that she could give a two-day banquet for him and Hamman. It was on the second day of feast that Esther revealed she was Jewish and Of Hamman’s plan. In response the king had Hamman hanged on the gallows made originally to kill Mordechai. To this day Purim is annually celebrated to commemorate the salvation of the Persia Jews.

The Holy day, Purim is considered the Mari Gras of the Jews. Celebrated on the 14th of Adar of the Hebrew...

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