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Judaism, combining both a religion and a nation, is known to be one of the oldest religions on our planet, founded in 1300 B.C.E., existing for over three thousand years.There are three different kinds of Judaism, Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform A small percentage of the world’s population, about 14 million people, makes up this religion. The beliefs of this religion are monotheistic, although having a culturally indused symbol of unity, following their holy book called The Turah. Coinciding with this are strict dietary rules, they have a specific place of worship called a “synagogue” and intricate rules regarding marriage. Like most religions, these rules need and should be followed to the best of the humans ability with the right intentions.

Symbolizing unity and posing as a star player on the Israelite’s national flag, the “Magen David”, or Star of David, is a six pointed figure composed of two triangles that overlap each other. The actual name or origin of this star is said to have came from an association through Kind David but is generally a legend. The legend states that, when he was just a mere teen, he fought an enemy, King Nimrod. His shield was made of two interlaced triangles and due to an arduous battle, the two triangles became permanently intertwined with one another therefore dubbing the name the Shield of David. However, many kabbalists, or people who explain and demonstrate the meanings of Judaism, have thought that the Star of David was a way to represent God’s control over the entire universe in all six directions: north, south, east, west, up and down. The triangle, they believe, symbolizes humanity’s double-sided nature of good and evil and that this figure, the triangles and its points, could be worn and used as protection against evil or negative energies and spirits. Since they believe that there is only one universal God, the overlapping of only two triangles signifies a relationship between two beings: God and...
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