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Juana Ines de la Cruz

born in 1651, November 12, in San Miguel Neplantla, Mexico
illegitimate daughter of a Spanish father and Creole mother(French settler)  that’s is why she has this point of view about “marriage”. early years living with mother on her grandfathers property

always hiding in grandfathers library to read books
considered to be a child genius
learned reading and writing at age of 3
wrote first poem at age 8
at age 8 when grandpa dies, she goes to Mexico city to stay with her maternal aunt when growing up she studies greek logic, teaches latin to children (learns latin herself in 20 lessons), and studies Aztec (Mexican language), writes poems in that language (with 13) Had a strict self-discipline and was her own biggest critique! (cut her hair short when she felt she wasn’t learning fast enough  thought of herself as failure sometimes) She pretends to be male, so she can study at the University of Mexico (not allowed for women) She lives in a period of male-domination and injustice (17th century Mexico) and culture where options are limited. Her family forbids her to go to University

So she studies by herself
Gets sent to court at age 16 by the Spanish Viceroy, astonished by her, as a maid of honor to his wife Scholars are testing her intelligence, she gets known throughout Mexico for her cleverness Not interested in marriage (even though shes beautiful), she continues with education in the Convent of the Discalced Carmelites of St. Joseph At age 21 she gets into the Convert of the Order of St. Jeronemo, staying there until her death She has her own library and space to study: writing poems (comedy, historical vignettes, loas, plays, tales of mythology) and plays, music, philosophy and natural science. Works as librarian there! (but is a nun) Got criticized for not being religious, and after her friends left, she had no protection Wrote a letter in 1960, criticizing a Jesuit sermon, which got published by someone unknown, without...
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