Juan sumulong thesis

Topics: Philippines, Filipino people, Rizal Pages: 44 (13679 words) Published: May 26, 2014

Albacea, Anne Tricia V., Bugayong, Zsanina R., De Las Alas, Jill D., Gopio, Dana Rica P., Machate, Justine B., Peñaflor, Jecil B. Mrs. Ana Marie Somoray, MBA

The Undergraduate School
College of Hospitality and Institutional Management
Research Development and Innovation Center
Our Lady of Fatima University

1 Introduction

Significant. We often hear out this word on the field of statistics but this study will take this word a whole new meaning like it has never been heard of before. On the context of social relationships, how can someone be significant to another person? Significance is defined as the quality of being important and having notable worth or influence, (Merriam-Webster Incorporated, 2014). It is interaction between different levels of power: between formal and informal, the private and the state, the centre and localities, (Vinen, 1995).

Having in mind that someone is significant if he had at least an impact to a person, how is significance related to history? These two words, though different in meaning go on along together very well for someone who is significant will be written in history. His significance might be positive or negative but he posted such a huge impact into the development of his locality, he will definitely be written. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, Emilio Jacinto, Melchora Aquino etc., one can easily recognize these names for they have served as the pillars of the independence we are enjoying right now. These people have touched thousands of lives and created such a huge impact not only because of their personalities, but on the qualities they have shown that made them a leader on their own localities. To be a man is one thing, to be a great man is another.

In Antipolo City, one might have taken a bumpy ride on the Sumulong Highway, taken a stroll at Sumulong park and seen the golden monument of a man that mistakenly dubbed as “Jose Rizal” by passersby, finished basic education in Juan Sumulong Elementary School and acquired secondary education in Sumulong Memorial Circle. Sumulong. Antipoleños seemed to be very fond of this name. If one will be asked, he would point out the golden statue at the plaza but moreover that no one can recognize this great man. Most of them seemed to take him for granted.

According to Nick Joaquin, the identity of the Filipino today is of a person asking what his identity is. One may reflect the same on the situation of Antipolo City. On the advent of modernization internet, social sites, virtual world, one can possibly forget who he is and neglect the heritage of the past bestowed upon him. That was the problem the researchers felt the need to address, the researchers believe that history could be the answer. History has played a major part on the development of a nation. Great leaders are written in history not only to broadcast what he has done, but to serve as an inspiration to every person. Inspiration is what most of Filipinos needs in these days especially the youth, the hope of this land.

The long quest of young Antipoleños for their identity is over, Juan Sumulong y Marquez, the favorite son of Antipolo, a statesman who is always ahead of his time.

1 Objective of the Study

In every study being conducted there are objectives that need to be satisfied. Researchers’ main goal upon conducting the study is to commemorate such great image of a public servant in these times that our country is dwelling to problems.

Bringing back the nobility and patriotism, Don Juan Sumulong expressed during his time to remind the people that Antipolo has produced one of the best political innovator. The researchers also believe that this could be an eye opener for all public servants on how important their role is in shaping the community and promoting common good.

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