Juan Peron

Topics: Juan Perón, Argentina, President of Argentina Pages: 4 (1318 words) Published: January 24, 2012
Peron in the Advancement and History of Argentina
During the 19th century in Argentina, the country advanced through many different historical changes. These changes included changes within their political system, government, and changes that would affect both the laws and the Argentine people all together. During the earlier 19th century, Argentina went through a stage of depression. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that military officials took control of Argentina’s government and things began to change. From this point on, the country of Argentina began to go through major changes and would soon receive the knowledge and leadership style of a man by the name of Juan Peron. Not only would he become the President of Argentina, he would transform Argentina and introduce new documents for the Argentine people; that outlined how to regulate the country and its citizens as well. These documents such as the “Declaration of Worker’s Rights” would alter the Argentine lifestyle and ultimately change it for the better. When looking back at the beginning, at the time when the economy of Argentina was being transformed; the factor of industrialization had a major impact. Once this took place, there was almost a massive promotion of industries, and within these years the industrial class actually tripled. This was due to the vast majority of European immigrants that Argentina received during this time, a time in which Argentina became known as “then nation of immigrants”. These immigrants and a couple of Argentine rural families began to relocate themselves within Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires. After Argentina began to slowly get back on its feet, the power of Juan Peron was discovered. Peron had probably one of the biggest impacts in Argentina when reviewing documents and history he put into order. Peron was a military colonial in Argentina, until he was named the Minister of Labor within the new government. While he carried this title, Peron did what he could to...
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