Joys and Sorrows of Student Life

Topics: Education, Time, Student Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: October 5, 2012
A good many of my grown-up acquaintances say that the studentship are the most joyful time of one's life...To tell the truth,I recieve such opinions with a grain of salt.Sure enough, like all other phases of life a student's life has its own peculiar joys and sorrows. That's quite clear why many people consider the students years to be the most joyful period of life, studentship are associated with youth, which is a wonderful thing, without any doupt.Usually,a student isn't expected to earn money, that’s why he seems to have a free and easy time,though a conscious student is to educate himself to turn a useful penny and to become a man of worth,that's not an easy matter...It's not a secret that the main students' worry is examinations, all over the world students spend sleepless nights cramming for the examinations, for a short period of time poor students try to learn quite a boring stuff, they were expected to study during the semester.This period before the examination sessions is a scary time. It really is. Even if one don't study anything, he keeps in mind that he has to take an examination soon, and that spoils all the holidays...The most wonderful thing for a student is also connected with examinations, to learn that a student is given a pass, or a good mark, is the most joyful thing for him. The successful end of the examination sessions means freedom. Students spend many hours in universities, they attend lectures and during these lectures they are writing on and on...On seminars a student's nerves are strained not infrequently, as he either don't want to be asked or he just nervous while answering. The block lasts an hour and a half,so,students are almost exhausted at the last block, they are hungry, they want to sleep, that’s not a surprise if they have a headache...but the worst is ahead - their homework is waiting for them at home. Sometimes I don't want to return home, because af that.I really do.So,we may say that most sorrows in a student's...
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