Joy Luck Club Essay

Topics: Family, Mother, Amy Tan Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Tragedies Can Be Life Changing
The Joy Luck Club is a book that explains the tragedies that happened to four Chinese women during World War Two. All four of these women have daughters whom they hope will have a better life in America, but also wish to share their Chinese culture with them. Their Chinese daughters have assimilated to the American culture, so their mothers explain the pain and anguish they had in China to show them how good they have it in America, and shouldn’t abandon their original culture. In the novel, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, losing family members, pressures of marriage, and disbanding from family members were all misfortunes that took place to these four families.

The catastrophe of losing a family member applies best to An-mei and her daughter Rose because of the loss of Bing Hsu. The family was heading to the beach to be like a normal American family. Rose had the responsibility of watching Bing while her dad was fishing, and the rest of the family playing on the beach. Rose’s brothers got in a fight and she had to break it apart, and during this time, Bing went into the ocean and vanished without a trace. Rose thinks, “He’s going to fall in. I’m expecting it. And just as I think this, his feet are already in the air, in a moment of balance, before he splashes into the sea and disappears without leaving so much as a ripple in the water” (Tan 133), and show how she knew he was going to fall in, but she did not do anything to stop it. This might have been why Rose felt extremely guilty after Bing died, because she knew all along she could have stopped it. It was her responsibility to watch Bing, and she failed and let him die. Everyone in the family felt guilty in their own way, especially An-mei. She couldn’t believe the fact that Bing died, so the next day, Rose and An-mei both went to the beach to find Bing’s remains. This part of the story is what caused An-mei to lose her innocence, but never her hope. She had lost all feelings...
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