Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

Topics: China, Chinese language, Family Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: March 15, 2007
What I have learned about the Chinese culture by reading ‘The Joy Luck Club' is a strong sense of tradition and devotion they have for their country. In China, tradition is an overwhelming part of the society and the life of its citizens. It is a hard concept for Chinese immigrants to become Americanized because of there rich and strict traditions however, Suyuan Woo wanted another chance to have a rich and bright future. When Suyuan Woo came to America, this was a big change for her, because she had to adapt with a whole new society, people and tradition which is a huge part of Chinese culture. When arriving in America Suyuan Woo she established a mahjong club called The Joy Luck Club. The main theme in the novel ‘The Joy Luck Club' is the differences between Chinese, American cultures, and how mothers and daughters relationships are effected. All of the mothers in the book were born and raised in China and all of their daughters were born and raised in America. There have been traditional differences in the family because the mothers have been born and raised in China and the Daughter have been born and raised in the United States.

The first conflict occurs when the mother, Suyuan Woo didn't want her daughter, Jing-mei Woo to ride her bike around the block fearing that she may get hurt. The mother believes that when her daughter is away from the protection of her home she is vulnerable to danger. This upsets her daughter. This is a perfect example of conflict between traditions, usually In China, when Suyuan Woo was a child the daughter of the household was suppose stay home and assist the mother in any house hold chores, however this does not please Jing-mei Woo and all she want to do is play outside like all the other American children.

The Chinese people have a rich tradition, although there may be plenty of superstitions involved as well. After the newly wed have settled into there home Suyuan Woo began to complain that the mirror which is placed at...
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