Journeys by Vijay Sherigar: Poem Analysis

Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: March 8, 2011
The poem I have chosen ‘Journeys’ describes the inner journey this man has to deal with throughout his life. He explains how he tried so hard at everything he did but was continually dissatisfied as nothing seemed to work out the way he wanted. Repeatedly, at the end of the first and second stanzas, that ‘it has not been an easy journey’ but still he proceeded with his life-long journey.

This mans inner journey consisted of the love, the friendship and the wealth he had gained and lost over the years. He wanted to start his journey again because he could not understand why it hadn’t concluded, he realized that the lessons learned by his past experiences never concludes. In relation to his inner journey he moves emotionally from where he started, from nothing to the man with ambitions of walking his path alone to a journey that never ends.

The poem focuses on areas and characteristics based around inner journeys. The main long term journey is his life and all the complications he endures through emotion and physical effort. The character doesn’t seem to give up. Through determination he brings himself to start his journey all over again believing that one day he will be in a better place. He describes this when he says, “Today I stand facing the world

It’s beckoning me to start over again”.

The poem relates to our core text (Looking for Alibrandi) in the way that the man from the poem is constantly disappointed with his outcomes just like Josie is during the course of the novel. While the man realizes he wants to move onward with his life and continue to explore the journey he follows, Josie does the same as the book plays out in. she goes through the same emotional challenges based on love and friendship.

By the conclusion of the poem, an emotional change is established where at the start he was unsure of his path but by the end, it was clear to him he wanted to walk his path alone ‘with guts and determination’, he demands he wants to continue his...
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