Journey to Kutztown

Topics: College, High school, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Pages: 2 (1059 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Andrew Lewnes
Dr. Mahoney
ENG 023
Draft #4
Journey to Kutztown
I first started to begin the college process junior year on my high school career when my guidance counselor sat me down and had the talk with me. I noticed that I had no clue of where I wanted to go and I also had no clue for what to do. She explained everything and I still thought nothing of it because it was far in the future for me. I started off by writing down colleges that my brother went to and also what she considered for me. I wrote down Monmouth University, Rutgers University, and Wagner University. This led to when playing baseball over the summer in a bunch of showcase tournaments and then let colleges contact me. A few schools looked and talked to me but nothing serious. As the summer went on, more college looked and talked but the most attention I got was from York College of Pennsylvania. It was a small school in the middle of Pennsylvania that no one really heard of. The baseball coach came to a few of my games and liked how I played. We spoke on the phone several times and told me to come to visit. Let me take you back to high school where it was partially simple. I started my college process looking for baseball. All my life I wanted to play college baseball. I knew that’s why I wanted to go to college and I did not really look at the education part. I was hoping that my ticket to college would be for baseball and looking back on it I noticed how naive I was. After all this I felt that I had my sights set on this school for sure. I met some players on the team and some of the coaching staff and liked what I saw. I thought that being far from home would be different but good for me, boy was I wrong. After a month or two I knew what college I was going to and I was set. York was going to be my home for the next four years. The day was coming closer and closer to move in day and I couldn’t wait. When the day got here, all that excitement went right out the...
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