Journey of a Mother and a Son on the Fourth of July

Topics: Camping, Consumer fireworks, Weekend Pages: 4 (1208 words) Published: April 22, 2014

In the summer of 2012, my mother and I decided to go up north to Medford, Wisconsin. This weekend it was a special day! The Fourth of July! All I was worried about was fireworks. I love fire my parents always called me a pyro as a little kid. Son we packed up all our stuff for the weekend and headed out for the long car ride ahead of us. The first thing I saw when we pulled up was a huge landscape filled with trees and small, leafy brush everywhere! In the middle of it was a gigantic pond, I guess you could call it a lake. It was this weekend that I added multiple things to my experiences. Boating, lighting off fireworks, and getting lost in the woods changed my perspective a little bit. Since I was now 17, my mom’s friends Jim allowed me to drive the boat that was parked on the lake, but he had to take a practice run first, so he could teach me some of the controls. “First thing is first,” Jim said, “you have to make sure the anchor is up and that there is gas in it.” “Alright”, I said.

“Next you need to put the boat in reverse by using the throttle.” As I did what Jim had told me, all of a sudden a large mouth bass jumped in the boat! I yelled, not going to lie it startled me. Jim just laughed. I finally backed out enough so the throttle could be thrusted forward. It was all a game from here on, once my mom cooked dinner on the campfire stove, Jim took control of the boat and parked it along the bank of the lake. We both ran back to the campsite for some brats and potatoes.

It was pretty late out after dinner, so I decided to go to bed knowing that tomorrow would be a long day, but I couldn’t fall asleep. All I could think about was that tomorrow was the Fourth of July! Adrenaline was running through me, but just enough to keep me awake. The thoughts of how great tomorrow would be swirled around in my head while I slept. I woke up early the next morning to bacon being cooked over the fire, on a pan of course! The smell of bacon in the morning means,...
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