Journey Into the Deaf World

Topics: Sign language, Gallaudet University, Sociology Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: February 20, 2006
Journey into the Deaf-World
Chapter 1

1.Which of the authors are deaf?
a.Of the three authors Ben Bahan is a deaf man. Both of his parents are deaf as well. 2. How does each of the authors look at the deaf-world?
a.Ben Bahan grew up in the Deaf-world, he was very active in Deaf clubs and associations. He attended the Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf as well as Gallaudet University. b.Harlan Lane states "we are a language minority." He does not want anyone to forget the hardships the Deaf have been put through by the hearing world. c.Bob Hoffmeister is a child of deaf adults (coda) and grew up on the grounds of the American School for the Deaf. Taking in the Deaf-world as an intellectual. Rather then learning about the deaf through books he did so face-to-face. Specialized in language acquisition and bilingual education for deaf children. 3.Why did the authors open the chapter with life histories? a.This book begins with each author's life history because as the title of the book states, they are giving us a taste of a journey into the Deaf-world. As members of the deaf-world meet they introduce themselves not only by name but with a capsule of their life-history. Enabling them to know how each is intertwined with the Deaf-world. 4.To what does "Deaf-world" refer?

a.Within the U.S. signing the Deaf-world refers to relationships among themselves, a network of socialization that was embarked and not through geographical location. 5.What is the ASL definition of; world in Deaf-world?

a.World in ASL is used to associate deaf organization or associations. Where they are able to socialize, play competitive sports, exchange ideas through religion or political actions. 6.Who are members of the Deaf-world?

a.The extent of a persons hearing happens not to be the deciding factor of membership but based upon the knowledge of the Deaf-world as well as experiences of what it is like to be deaf. 7.What is the most important instrument for...
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