Journey as a Writer

Topics: Writing, Essay, Short story Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Journey as a Writer
Eng 090- Writing Fundamentals

Professor Arletha Ndoume
Strayer University

Marquita Shealey
February 7,2011

Many of us wonder where writers such as Stephen King, Elie Wiessel, Toni Morrison, Anne Rice, James Patterson, Maya Angelo, Hill Harper, and Joanne Jo Rowling got their inspiration to guide such blooming writers as myself. Since my early childhood I have always been fascinated with thrillers, suspense, sci-fi, romantic love triangles, and stories about my heritage and religion as well as others. When I was in school I could remember my English teacher gave the class a writing assignment; which was to write a short story. My short story was a scary story; scary movies intrigued me back then. That was the beginning of my tales as a writer.

Throughout the years I’ve had some good and some bad times that I had to write about. During the trying times in my life I find it hard to write because I’m always so consumed with other things going on. Quite a few times I ran into difficulties while writing these past essays. I know it may seem kind of crazy but writing about myself has never been the easiest thing to do , because it brings me to a clear conscious reality about whatever I was hiding from that I had to face and own up to. After the fact of revealing all of the things that were built up on my mind my world would get a little bit brighter. After I get through the tough part of putting my thoughts together everything becomes a little bit easier. My thoughts are a lot easier to put together now that I have learned different methods of gathering my information. Some of the best parts of my writing is letting the world know what I’m passionate most about. Quite often I speak highly of myself; therefore, I feed off of the recognition and encouragement to continue on. The next time I write anything I will be sure figure out my audience that I am writing to, then brainstorm, ask myself the six journalism questions then write my...
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