Topics: Sun, Debut albums, House Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Amine Mena
ENG 111

My life has been very interesting, living in Morocco and then moving to California and now I'm in Massachusetts and the journey continues. throughout the years I lived in so many houses and picked up so many memories. Each house had its own design that made it some how special and unique. But after all they're all places that I spent my everyday at and had fun with family and friends. The first time I entered Oakland, I felt the vibe of the city and it was like love at first sight. The city was so energetic and so much different than my hometown. So I went to my father's neighborhood and it was in a very quiet area which I really liked because I'm not used to the city and all its noise. Walked in home and looked around and knew that place going to be so fun to live in, the best place in the entire house was my bedroom which was so big you could open a super market in it. Then I walked out to the back yard that had all the essentials to a great barbeque party with all the seats and the grills and thanks to the weather the sun was there everyday. Because of my dad's job we had to move from place to place. so we moved to Malden and it was a big move because the area and the city was so different from what I'm used to. We moved to a house near the Malden river and i really liked the fact that it was in a quite area and the house itself was big enough for both of us. I spent my entire first day exploring the house from the first floor down to the basement. it was a really clean house and because it was renovated everything was basically brand new, but of course what really mattered to me was my bedroom which I wasn't Disspointed about at all because it met all my needs with the really comfortable bed and the big windows that showed the river and let sunshine light up my room. The best room in the house was the kitchen even though I don't know...
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