Topics: Learning, Skill, Study skills Pages: 3 (510 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Tonya VanSumeren
Journal #3

Identify one thing you have learned simply because you enjoyed learning it. One thing I enjoyed learning is math. I have never been very good at math in general but I am a numbers person! My algebra teacher in high school said that algebra was in my brain, I didn’t need to know it very well I just needed to have seen it before and I could do it! I really like math and can not wait to start my math classes at Lansing Community College. How did you gather information or skills you needed to learn this? I gathered the information I needed to learn this skill from the time I was very young my parents started the base foundation and my teachers helped build from there.

What did you do to learn the information or skills needed to learn? In order for me to personally learn this skills I had to study, take notes from my books, ask questions and stay late after school for one on one help with my teachers. What else did you do to learn this ?

I also studied at home after school on a regular bases even if I didn’t have homework to do that night. How often did you engage in learning this?
I often worked on my math skills daily in and out of school. When you engaged in learning this, how long did you usually spend? I would say that I would spend close to three hours a day working on my math skills but also luckily math is one of the skills you use all day long and almost everywhere you go. What feedback did you use to determine how well you had learned this? The feedback that I had used to determine my progress was grades and having my teacher go over other unassigned assignments that I had worked on from my math book. How you felt when you were engaged in this?

when I engaged in this I felt happy and positive about understanding something so easily. The better I did the more I felt motivated. What were the rewards for learning this?
My rewards for learning my math skills was by the better I did I would treat myself to...
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