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‘Kind of Blue’ was released in 1959. This release can be described as the cornerstone of jazz music. Having sold over 20 million copies, it has gone on to influence generations of musicians to come. Even to this day it is currently selling 5000 copies per week. It is nothing short of a masterpiece and these six tracks of brilliant improvisation will leave you in a better mood by the end of it. Through the modal sketches of Davis, this album takes you on a mysterious and beautiful journey into the world of jazz.

The word on the street is that Miles Davis only gave extremely brief instructions to the musicians as to what to play for each song. The way he went about recording this album marked a difference in his musical journey. Basing the entire album on modality rather than chord changes, he simply gave them a modal sketch of each song and the rest was left up to their own improvisational skill skill. The beauty of this album is that it is based on pure spontaneity of each artist. There is a beautiful and distinct voice expressed through each instrument. It is a rare thing to bring together a string of such unique and talented artists. But when it happens- something that cannot be described with words takes place- true music. In the studio with Davis were saxophone players John Coltrane and Julian Adderley, the bassist Paul Chambers, pianist Bill Evans and drummer Jimmy Cobb. From intricate yet delicate piano runs, to the smooth and slick improvisations of the trumpet, to the steady and foot thumping bass line and the unmistakable groove of the drums, each musician brought something exciting and different to this modal approach of improvisation. The final album was recorded in almost one take.

Somebody once told me that a true musician makes what is difficult to seem very simple. In such a case as ‘Kind of Blue’ this is what I would call an accurate statement. Because of the musical genius behind this album, it is something...
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