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Topics: Political philosophy, United States Constitution, Muhammad Ali Jinnah Pages: 12 (9928 words) Published: October 20, 2014
This is a system in which every individual owns the enterprises or business organizations equally i.e. equal subsidy for each individual. Socialism emphasis on equal distribution of the wealth In the hands of public. No private individual has share in capital assets of the enterprise. It is the state which holds it for the benefits of the public. Currently, steel mill is owned by the state, hence it is in a system of Communism or Marxian It is a system based on theory of Karl Marx It regards violence and aggression as legal to overthrow the system of capitalism. It is against capitalism and provides means to overthrow it , but it is not a counter part of capitalism. It favors socialism. Except this, it is also against democracy and favors aristocracy. Capitalism It is a system in which enterprises or business organizations are owned by the private individuals to understand it in a better manner, let me refer to the current privatization issue. If steel mill is completely privatized, the owners will be changed from government to individuals , because individuals will buy shares and will receive the profit on their shares.Then steel mill will move from under a system of socialism into capitalism Political Science 2000Solved MCQsPaper-I (1) Leviathan was written by(a) Hegel (b) James Mill (c) Hobbes (d) J.S. Mill (e) None of these.(2) Founder of utilitarian school of thought was(a) Edmund Burk (b) Hume (c) J.S. Mill(d) James Mill (e) None of these. Jeremy Bentham(3) Locke laid down that state is(a) An end in itself (b) Means to an end(c) Unavoidable evil (d) Legal necessity (e) None of these.(4) Rousseaus political philosophy furnished basis for(a) Political sovereignty (b) Limited sovereignty (c) Popular sovereignty(d) Absolute sovereignty(e) None of these.(5) How many essentials are required to constitute a state(a) Three(b) Four (c) Five (d) Six(e) None of these. 6) Laissez Faire policy means (a) Withdrawal of some restrictions (b) Fair legislation (c) Control over trade(d) Control over industry (e) None of these. (7) Materialistic interpretation of history was propounded by(a) Trotsky (b) Lenin (c) Bolsheviks(d) Mensheviks (e) None of these. (Karl Marx)(8) Fascism as a political theory originated in(a) France (b) Germany (c) Italy(d) Russia (e) None of these. (9) Plato wrote (a) Politics (b) The Laws (c) Political Economy(d) Polity (e) None of these. (10) Al-Mauwardi wrote(a) Ahkamul Sultaniya(b) Siyasatnama(c) Sayarul Muluk (d) Ahyaul Ulum(e) None of these.(11) Strong emphasis on justice was laid by (a) Socrates (b) Aristotle (c) Herodotus(d) Stoics (e) None of these. (12) The Spirit of Laws was written by (a) John Locke (b) J.S. Mill (.c) Hume (d) Edmund Burk (e) None of these. (Montesquieu)(13) God has made this world a place for work and labour is the famous quotation of (a) AlMauwardi(b) Al-Farabi(c) Nizamul Mulk Tusi (d) Al-Ghazali(e) None of these. (14) Felicific Calculus was the contribution of(a) Bentham (b) Aristotle (c) Plato(d) J. S. Mill(e) None of these.(15) The theory of Group Mind was enunciated by(a) Al-Mauwardi (b) Ibn-i-Khaldun (c) Al-Ghazali(d) Al-Farabi (e) None of these.(16) The theory of Surplus Value as a part of communistic philosophy was the contribution of(a) Karl Marx (b) Trotsky (c) Fredrick Angel(d) Recordo (e) None of these.(17) Hobbian social contract is based on(a) Desire for peace (b) Selfishness(c) Fear(d) Completion (e) None of these.(18) Importance of civil service has grown due to(a) Population growth (b) Increased state activity (c) Complexity of rules and regulations(d) Law and order requirement (e) None of these.(19) Which political theory propounded that state will ultimately disappear (a) Syndacatism (b) Fabian socialism(c) Fascism (d) Communism(e) None of these. (20) According to Aristotle the end of state is(a) Legal (b) Social (c) Ethical(d) Economic (e) None of these. Political Science 2000Solved MCQsPaper-II (1) Scientific Society was established by Sir Syed Ahmed...
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