Journalism in the 21st Century

Topics: Mass media, Journalism, British Empire Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Technology and The Media: How the Technological Revolution has Changed Journalism and the way We Look at the News

Journalism has been at the source of global information for countless years. It comes in many different formats, types, and views. In early America, journalism took on the face of rules and laws of the British Empire, while in later America journalism evolved to talk about such things as the development of industry, political scandals, scientific explorations, and most importantly news and cultural information. The general topics covered by our news media haven’t changed much over the course of time but the format in which people can access the stories being presented has changed radically, especially in the last fifty years. With the technological revolution and resources in the world, journalism has become a source of general information with the tendency to lack professionalism and integrity due to the level of ease at which stories of rumors and fallacies can be created and distributed.

Through the last ten years, journalism has been forced to adapt into the twenty-first century via the Internet and television. Keith Windschuttle talks about how media and journalism have become products of bias and propaganda through this evolution it has taken. In the article The Future of the Press Windschuttle talks about how the British press is being influenced and borderline controlled by government rule: “Nonetheless, there is a major threat looming for the British press in the form of the British government,” (Windschuttle 25). From this, the notion can be inferred that the government is only setting fourth the illusion that the press has freedom of speech when in reality the British government is censoring the press, which is a much different mentality that we have here in America.

The information the press and journalists put out has to hold some level of truth, especially when it is attached to a ‘well known’ source. This usually counts news...

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