Journal Reflection 1 & 2

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Modules 1 & 2
How to submit:
2.Click on Module 2 Reflection Journal
3.Copy and Paste your Journal into the Student Comments Section 4.Click “Submit for grading” AND “Submit”

Module 1: Driving is Your Responsibility:
Please answer the following questions in complete sentences using proper spelling and grammar: Complete the K-W-L information below.

K- What you Know

List two things you know about driving.

1.It’s not as easy as playing a parking or racing game.

2.Following the laws can prevent looks of accidents.

W—What you Want to know

List two things you want to know about driving.

1.What is the proper way to drive?

2.What all the signs on the side of the road mean.

L—What you Learned

Identify at least two new things you learned from Module One.

1. Teenage driving has a high accident rate.
2. Safe driving is one of the most important concerns in Florida.

Do you already have your learners permit? Yes or No
No, I don’t have my permit.

If no, have you taken the 4 hour drug/alcohol certificate?

Module 2: The Driver:
Please answer the following questions:

Aha Moments: Aha moments are times when you have been reading something and the text suddenly makes sense or becomes clear to you. Please use complete sentences and proper spelling and grammar.

Describe three aha moments that you had as you worked through Module Two. 1.When I was reading about, the attitude of the driver can be a main key to accidents. 2.When I was reading about, common courtesy.

3. When I was reading about, the right of way rule.

How will this information affect you as a driver now and in the future? (2-3 sentences)

This information certainly has encouraged me to think before I drive. Now, I always make sure I’m wearing my seat belt, going the speed limit [ not over ] , be courteous to other drivers, and not get mad or yell at other drivers....
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