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Topics: African American, United States, High school Pages: 7 (3436 words) Published: December 9, 2008
ENC 1101 Bikinis and Tiaras In this passage the author talks about the famous ritual of the quinces celebration. This celebration is something that was invented way back in time in Mexico I believe, this celebration is every Latin girls dream because when they turn fifth teen their supposed to have a big party, is kind of a Cinderella party. Here in Miami the famous quinces parties are very popular due to the high population, of Cubans, Colombians, Mexicans, and many more Hispanic people. This parties have become so popular that families are spending thousands of dollars in this events because their kids go to other quinces and they all want to top their friends parties, some families can’t even afford this expensive parties so what some families who don’t have the financial funds are doing is just paying for their kids to take the quinces pictures, which at the end is the only thing that matters because pictures are memories you can keep forever. me being a Hispanic male most t of my girlfriends are of Hispanic heritage, so I’ve attended many of these quinces sometimes a just as one of the guest and the other times as part of the group of couples that dance in the party along with the birthday girls. I also went threw the whole process of helping my family organize my sisters fifth teens in Colombia, so I know what some of these parents go threw trying to spoil their kids. If you ask me I personally think this celebration is a waste of time and money, because to me turning 15 and turning 16 or even 25years old is exactly the same thing. Hair In this passage Malcolm X starts by telling us that his friend Shorty is going to give him a recipe and teach him how to get it done, then he begins to tell us all of the supplies he has to purchase and were he is purchasing them, after seeing all of the things he was buying I immediately find out he’s definitely not cooking. What Shorty is teaching his is how to conk his hair to avoid wasting money at a barbershop. Malcolm X also starts to explain the process that Shorty is following and he begins to tell us that he is going threw so much pain because his scalp is burning to the point were he wants to stop. When I first read this passage it was a little funny, because Malcolm tell us that he is going threw with the horrible pain and burning of his head because he knows that at the end his hair will look like a white mans hair, this is funny to me because today society is exactly the same, many African American, Hispanic, and white American kids go threw many things just to look like someone else. For example; many kids go threw the pain of braiding their hair or even getting tattoos to look like their favorite rap artist, or just any celebrity in general, young girls also do this things they get many piercings, they bleach their hair and do many other things just so that they can look and act like the many people they see on television. But in many cases kids don’t do all these things too look like stars many kids do it because of the peer pressure they receive from their friends, for example many kids always have to do extra things too look cool because they are afraid their friends would make fun of them and bully them. The Myth of a Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria In this passage the author Judith Cofertells us the story of her childhood growing up in the United States, she explains to us that Latin woman are seen as different in many ways, for example; she explains to us that growing up she would dress different from the American girls, she would dress more provocative because that’s the way she saw her mother dress and her sister, she also starts to explain that one time she was walking down the streets of New York and a man started to sing a song about her assuming her name was Maria, just because he was ignorant and wanted to insult her by telling her that all Hispanic girls are named Maria and that their all alike. I this case I totally relate to this...
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