Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member

Topics: African American, Black people, Jim Crow laws Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: September 22, 2008
Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member

Journal entry one:

I am an African America child living. It is the summer of 1979 and I am incredibly hot right now. I live in Wyoming. There are not a lot of people who appear similar to me here. I talk to my mother plus ask her many questions. I remember asking her, “Why am I called an African American?” My mother went on to say that our race originated in Africa. After she explained this to me I asked her, “How did we get here?” She replied by explaining that we were first people sent here as early as 1619 (Robinson, 1999). My mother went on to explain to me that we were part of a slave trade. I learned that we were slaves until a law was passed to give us freedom. I occasionally wonder if there are people similar to me all over America. When I go out with my family, I hardly see a mass amount of people who look like me. My dad told me once that African Americans live all over the country. He also told me that in areas where I live; there are few people like me. My dad tells stories of how he used to go to an all black school. I learned there were times where we could not vote or sit in the front of buses. I find that easy to believe because sometimes other kids at school call me bad names and ask me why am I here. I tell them because I have the right to live anywhere that I want to (thanks to my dad). Guess what I learned today in school? I learned that when we were not allowed to be around white people skin that it was called segregation. That means that African Americans did not have the same choices and privileges as they did. I also found out about Jim Crow Laws. Jim Crow was a character in an old song who was revived by a white comedian called Daddy Rice. Rice used the character to make fun of black people and the way that they spoke. The term Jim Crow came to be used as an insult against black people. In a bid to stop black Americans from being equal, the southern states passed a series of laws known as...

References: Robinson, B.A. (2007) A brief history of the "peculiar institution" of slavery 16th-18th
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(n.d.). Black Peoples of America Segregation - The Jim Crow Laws.
Retrieved 2008,
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