Journal Entry for Human Ecology

Topics: Need, The Animals, Want Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Amelie Faith Vincent

I am Amelie Faith Vincent. My values are God, family, & friends come before anything. I have learned through all this is I truly enjoy helping in anyway I can with anything. I have a much bigger understanding and much more empathy for volunteering now that I have experienced it. I now know that I want to help people in any way I can because I am a very happy person and I love when other people are happy also! Volunteering and helping other people when they need it makes you see how lucky and blessed you are in so many ways to. It makes you want to give whatever you can to what needs it the most.

I volunteered at an animal shelter and it was one of my favorite things I have ever done. I would play with the animals, feed and water them, clean their cages, and much more. I felt extreme sadness whenever you spend so much time making one of the dogs for example get used to playing with people and get them ready to find a loving home, and they didn’t get picked fast enough and would be put down. If I were in charge I would find a way to never let this happen, but I understand that the public pound would get entirely overpopulated if it did. I even ended up adopting this extremely old and fragile little dog because they were going to put her straight down because she required to much medical attention. I took her home instead and paid to have everything fixed with my own money and the vet told me she would make it! It was one of the best feelings I have ever had knowing I was there for something more than just volunteering but to save her life.

I want to continue helping in the shelter in any way I can because eventually I want to find a way to stop the animals from being put to sleep. I have no idea how you would do that at a public shelter because there is constantly so many different animals coming in that it would be very hard but I know it can be done because every animal deserves to be able to have a loving home somewhere and I...
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