Journal Entry About My Life and What I'M Planning on After Graduating

Topics: High school, Family, Graduation Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: October 23, 2006
June 22, 2007 will be the day that I cross the stage at Artpark for my commencement. To tell you the truth I haven't taken the time to look at my life and think about what is going to happen after I leave this bubble called Lewiston-Porter, so here are my thoughts. During this last year of high school I plan on working hard and not slacking with my work load. I plan on making the best of my senior year; my goal is to walk out of this school with no regrets. After graduation I have absolutely no clue what I'd like to do for sure. I'd like to take maybe a semester off before going to college to travel and get to know the world and cultures around me. I'd like to backpack across Europe and visit England, Ireland, France, Spain, Greece, and Italy, most likely this won't happen but a girl can dream. So after my little trip to explore the world I'll be going to college. I am considering going to NCCC to get my liberal arts out of the way and then transferring to somewhere else when I figure out what I'd like to do. Maybe I'll go to University at Buffalo for physical therapy, or Buffalo State to teach social studies or somewhere else for who knows what. I am hoping that my life's work is to help people in need so maybe I'll major in something to do with helping people. With any luck by my sophomore year of college I will figure out my major. When I get out of college I would like to get a job within one year of graduating, which is hard to do but I'm optimistic. I am considering moving out of state after college so I can start fresh where no one knows me and I can be anyone or anything I want to be. Maybe I'll move to a Carolina state or even a big city like NYC it all depends on what path I decide to take. By the time I graduate I would love to be engaged or at least married by the age of 25, and have my first child by the age of 28. I want to marry young because I want to be one of those couples who celebrate a 50 year anniversary and have someone to be there with me...
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