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Topics: Marketing, Super Bowl, Business Pages: 5 (1368 words) Published: March 1, 2010
Article Review 1
Publication: Sports Marketing Quarterly
Title: “Spectator Motives: Why Do We Watch When Our Favorite Team Is Not Playing?” Authors: Fink, Janet S, Parker, Heidi M

This article studies the likeliness of sports fans to watch sporting events when their favorite team is not playing. According to the Nielson ratings system the NFL broadcast’s TV ratings are the highest rated program in the country. Therefore the advertising dollars involved have increased as the NFL has been able to attract viewers of teams not participating in the game.

The research used Trail and James’s (2001) Motivation Scale for Sport Consumption (MSSC) to judge motives of spectators to watch when their team was not playing. The MSSC method concluded that participants in the study viewed drama, skill, and social as the key factors in deciding if they will watch a game/event when their favorite team is not participating.

The article’s conclusions identify drama, skill, and social as the most important factors in attracting viewership of non-affiliated fans of the teams participating. This influences the relationship between sports leagues/teams, television networks, and advertisers. Looking at it from the perspective of a professional league/team, these 3 factors are important as they would like to create a fan base that’s independent of what team is playing and follows the league in general. The NBA has accomplished this by marketing around the skill level of their players. Through external analysis of their customer base, they are able to identify their customer’s needs and wants. Over the last 30 years, the NBA has been able to market their superstars to attract network TV deals and advertisers. For example, in the 1980’s the NBA revolved around Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. In the late 80’s and through the 90’s, the league shifted to Michael Jordan as their center piece and enjoyed the most success they’ve ever had. In the early part of the 00’s, there was a lack of compelling super stars and the league suffered in popularity. Additionally the overall behavior of marquee players was a problem which labeled the league as full of thugs and criminals. This can be perceived as a weakness in the NBA marketing strategy as its dependent on the character of their super stars. Recently though, the NBA has been revived with an influx of young, talented, well behaved “good guys” led by Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and many others. The most successful example of sports marketing to customer needs is the NFL. As the article stated it is the bench mark for sports marketing. Even more than the NBA, they have been able to appeal to consumers, and by extension advertisers, by offering an unmatched dramatic, skillful, and social experience. Top NFL players such as Peyton Manning are household names. But beyond that the NFL has created a social atmosphere around the game such that everyone, regardless of who’s playing, is looking forward to their annual super bowl party. The business to business implications are greater for the NFL than any other league, and this is exemplified in the insane cost for a 30 second ad spot during the super bowl. Additionally, as the article states, business’s have weekly partnerships set up with the NFL so they can be part of the game for the entire season (“FedEx Air and Ground Players of The Week”). A competitive analysis for FedEx would show that their customers, whether they are business or consumer customers, can be reached through NFL advertising.


Article Review 2
Publication: Journal of Marketing
Title: “Don't Think Twice, It's All Right: Music Piracy and Pricing in a DRM-Free Environment” Authors: RAJIV K. SINHA, FERNANDO S. MACHADO, & COLLIN SELLMAN Link: (click on the View This Content link)

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