Journal Article Critique Rubric

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AP Biology Scientific Journal Article Critique

DIRECTIONS: Select and critique a journal article relating to biology and biological research. The teacher must approve your article choice. An article critique consists of a summary of the key aspects and a critique where you offer your thoughts and opinions. Your critique should be at least two (2) typed, double-spaced pages, and follow the guidelines below. Grammar and spelling count!

Part I: Article Summary: Summarize/restate/retell the main points presented in the article. This is NOT your opinion. You may use the following questions as suggestions to guide your thinking and writing. Keep in mind, these are suggestions; you do not have to follow them exactly. Avoid copying word for word. If you DO have a need to copy something, you must put it in quotes and reference it appropriately; otherwise, it is plagiarism, a serious offense. I am interested in what YOU have to say. I am not interested in what you can copy.
Title of article
What was the specific purpose of the research study?
Where did this take place? What was the study organism?
What hypothesis was tested? What methods were used?
What was the overall theme of the article?
What were the suggestions or recommendations associated with this discussion?
What was the conclusion or final point?

Part 2: Article Critique: The critique is where you add your comments, thoughts, and ideas. In your critique, address the following points. You may address more than this, however, these points must be covered.
What did you agree and/or disagree with? Why?
Is the information presented realistic to the real world?
Can and how might this information benefit humans?
How does this article relate to course readings and discussions? You must specifically relate the article to the eight (8) unifying themes of the course.

Part 3: Bibliography: Example:
Last name, First initial. (1999). Title of article. Name of Journal, 57(1), 50-53.
1. Author(s) last

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