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Topics: Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, American Broadcasting Company Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: December 14, 2010
Journal #8 Classification style essay on 4 T.V. Neighbors
TV neighbors have been playing an important role in our beloved sitcoms for the last 60 years. We tune in every week to catch what these crazy, wacky charcters are up to. I am partial to the annoying neighbors you love to hate. In the next paragraphs I have classified well known annoying charcters into different kinds of annoying personalities. The creepey annoying, the annoying that makes you homocidal, the mind your own god damned business annoying and the annoying you hate to love. First let me start with Lenny and Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley. I would classify them as the creepey type also weird and awkward. They were Laverne and Shirley's truck-driving, grease-ball neighbors who pestered them to death during their entire run. Look up "creep," and you'll most likely find a photo of these guys. They were the weirdto the enth degree. You can't help but shudder them when you hear them say "Hello" in their eerie nasal catch phrase voices. There really isnt much love here felt for them it's mostly just hate. Another type of neighbor you love to hate is the annoying tv neighbor who's just a complete tool is Urkel from Family Matters. He likes cheese, he's a clutz. You kind of want to stab him. Yeah...he's a sad individual. Urkel could make a nun want to committ murder. Unfortunatly as annoying as he is and as much as you hate him if you have any empathy whatsoever the shows writers like to make you feel bad about yourself and play the "oh poor Urkel card" I hate that. Why Can't I just hate him for being a loser and not feel bad about it like this made up charcter has any real feelings anyway. It's so lame that anyone would acctually care but then when he's all sad and about to cry you let your damn guard down. Then there is the buttisnsky neighbor known as "Wilson" I didnt really watch this show much. I found Tim what ever name kind of lame and retarted. When I did watch it was only to check out...
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