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Current Issues in Management Accounting and Current Issues in Financial Accounting 2013-14 Coursework for ACCO 1114 and ACCO 1115
(Associate institutions version – not for Greenwich based students) ABRS Student Submission Due Date: 2 Nov 2013
This title is for students taking the CIMA exam in January 2014. Please note students taking the CIMA exam in May 2014 or August 2014 should contact Gary Owen at Greenwich (Email G.N.Owen@greenwich If in doubt please consult your local tutor or administrator. This coursework (CW) assignment is for ACCO 1114 and ACCO 1115 (ie the one mark will be entered as the CW mark in both courses in students’ profiles. The coursework is worth 40% of the total assessment for each course. For this reason, students must ensure that two header sheets are attached – one for each course. Note: students taking only CIFA or only CIMA need attach the header sheet for the respective course only. This note applies to students having to resit a single course only. Details on the requirements are given in the following pages. Ensure you read and fully understand the following paragraphs. Word length Weighting Due date

Research essay 3000 words excluding references/bibliography, tables, footnotes, etc. 40% Essay title: In recent years Activity Based Costing (ABC) has often been described as one of the most important innovations in Management Accounting. Evaluate the factors that influence the successful implementation of ABC in developing countries. Required

You are required to produce a research essay that examines how ABC has been implemented in developing countries. You are to read the following article.
Implementation of activity based costing in Malaysia: A case study of two companiesType: Research paperAuthor(s): Jamaliah Abdul Majid, Maliah SulaimanSource: Asian Review of Accounting Volume: 16 Issue: 1 2008 This article is available on the “Library & IT” link on the portal. You can go to the link for the elibrary and look at the online resources. This article can be found in the Emerald journals. Students will be penalised by 10 per cent if you do not reference this article in your essay. You are to find and critically evaluate at least a further nine academic journal articles related in some way to one above and draw out a clear argument with conclusion based upon the data considered. Further sources may be added as desired. The indicative marking scheme below will help you to structure your work. Advice for this essay

Only a brief history of ABC is required (maximum 400 words)
You should focus on companies in developing countries
You should include surveys covering the adoption of ABC in different countries You should include examples from at least 3 different countries. You should include examples of companies that have implemented ABC successfully and companies that have rejected ABC. You should clearly evaluate the critical success factors for implementing ABC. You should include companies from different sectors.

House style
Reports are required…
To be in black ink on white
To be in Times New Roman typeface, point size 12 for the text To be in size 16 in bold for the title
To have line spacing of 1½ lines
To use no other fonts or font sizes
Not to employ clipart or similar illustrations
To include a central header to show the title ‘Narrative Reporting’ To include footers to show student’s name (left), ‘The University of Greenwich’ (centre) and the page number (right). To have headers and footers in Times New Roman typeface, size point 8 To show the word count as Appendix 1

To be fully Harvard referenced, including full web browser addresses used and other information of sources (Important! - see Appendix A) To use hanging indent for the references list (in MS Office - Paragraph/indents/special/hanging, similar in other applications) Some basics

Structuring your essay
Use sub-headings based on a few themes. This will help you to organise your work while you are...
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