Topics: Trigraph, Community, Gawad Kalinga Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Our journey to developing ourselves and serving through NSTP-CWTS didn’t actually begin on the first day of our visit in Gawad Kalinga Manolo Village. The three-day stay in GK Manolo Village could not contain everything we went through for and learned from this community service program. One whole day wasn’t enough for us to finish preparing the health teaching we were tasked to present. That 30-minute presentation took us 4 nights, 5 days, 6 revisions and 7 mini heart-attacks to finish. We shed sweat, tears and we were close to having that hemorrhagic tendency. We learned what hard work, extensive research and scolding the CGHC-way mean. In our head we thought, “Not even a flat-one grade will ever be enough for the physical, mental and emotional stress we went through.” We didn’t know what we are doing this for aside for good grades. Selfish? Yes. But we had a change of heart. Now we start the real 3-day experience. First day. We left the school at 6:45 am. On our way, we kept repeating “Wag sasakay ng malinta, ‘di aabot ‘yon. Basta overpass Dalandanan.” to our classmates calling us time after time. When we arrived at the community, we were welcomed by a heart-warming scenario. We were amazed because these people don’t know us but they kept smiling on us and greeted us. Our class gathered in front of the multipurpose hall for the orientation about Gawad Kalinga and GK Manolo Village. We had a glimpse of how they started and how much they endured and fought to keep going as Mr. Jhun Valbuena and Mrs. Erlinda Mosqueda shared the story of Gawad Kalinga. After that, we had a tour around the community with our batch mascot. It was not just a simple tour, it was more like a homecoming parade that the kids went with us and danced with the mascot and even the adults were smiling at their windows making us feel so special. Day two, we are all pressured. This day, we had our health-teaching. We are well-prepared but we are still all nervous. We started...
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