Jospeh Cornell

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Artists often use manipulation of images or objects to change their original form, use or idea to create a new way of expressing the artist’s intended meaning. They can achieve this through reconstructing images and objects, ideas, materials and media. And collections of such images and objects can also be a form of manipulation. Self taught artist, Joseph Cornell uses manipulation his collection of everyday objects to convey a whole new meaning altogether. His works “Habitat group for a shooting gallery” and “Pharmacy” manipulate everyday objects into a whole new idea or a new meaning. Joseph Cornell was a collector, he collected French literature, and sheet music, trinkets, Victorian bric-a-brac, photographs, souvenirs and memorabilia, and these collectables were usually manipulated and featured throughout his artworks. [pic]

Joseph Cornell’s “Habitat group for a shooting gallery” manipulates images and objects in an unusual way with a sadistic twist (Vicki Niolet, 2008:, to convey a view that has never been seen in that light before. Cornell’s usual work containing birds for example his “Cockatoo with watch faces” and his work “The hotel Eden” contain birds that look peaceful and the artworks hold a dreamlike manner. In his “Habitat group for a shooting gallery” there a four birds of varying breeds, but one of the birds looks as if it has cut its head on the glass fronted wooden box in which the birds are contained. Cornell uses manipulation to change what was once an average image of a bird to mean something different. The box has a shattered glass front which adds to the intended meaning and along with the red paint which represents blood, draws the eye to the injured animal first. Next the eye is drawn up to the blue bird above the bloodied bird, and then the colorful parrot up on the far left hand corner catches the eye next. The use of the three primary colors which is not only represented on...
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