Josies Triumph

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: October 31, 2005
Midterm- Sociology 109 Clinton Benard III

1.Sociology is study of human groups and social behavior .The primary study of sociology concerns the influence of social attitudes, behavior and how those focal points have built societies and changed them for better or worse. Sociologist use creative thinking better known as sociological imagination to gain a different view, a view from abroad. The basic idea of sociological imagination is the ability to look at one's culture from a different point of view, an outsider's view. The ability to view one individual's problem as a societal problem is another aspect of sociological imagination. The sociological imagination lets the human mind look further than the limited view that most people have of the world we live in .If you were having problems with your college and the lack of diversity there. You could use social imagination to research any question concerning the world we live .Most people have the questions in their head everyday and never pursue the answer. Sociological imagination can help an individual understand the way cultures have grown into their own. Many people know little about the relationship between seafood bought here and the families that commit themselves to the fisherman lifestyle. Using your sociological imagination you define the answers to your questions and in the end you will have a broader scope on your planet Earth. 2.False




3. Culture is basic way of life for groups of people on this planet. The music, values, morals, materials and customs create culture. The development of culture has come a long way from the caveman days of old. We can know send people to the moon and bring them back in one piece. Every culture has something they share with cultures this is called Cultural Universals. The hierarchy of human needs is a great basis for these universals .The growing lists includes things like food, shelter, clothing and cooking....
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