Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

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Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain: A Knightly Colonel

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was a man of immense fortitude and honor due to his morally-driven hunger for success and his regard for respect even in the most turbulent of times.

Shea McEnerney
15 March 2013

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Shea McEnerney
Dr. Jerry Goben
U.S. History
15 March 2013

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain: A Knightly Colonel

Born September 8th, 1828, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was raised in a traditional family from Maine, rooted in Puritan beliefs. Chamberlain was taught at a very young age to offer others nothing but the utmost of respect. Sarah Chamberlain, Joshua’s mother, lead a strict household of mannerly children who respected their elders and lead with moral character. Chamberlain grew to not only be an immensely revered academician, but an outstanding leader as well. Chamberlain learned from his strict father at a young age that sheer willpower followed by positive action could accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. Lessons like these instilled in Joshua’s nature as a child would prove to build his adult career and earn him great success. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was a man of immense fortitude and honor due to his morally-driven hunger for success and his regard for respect even in the most turbulent of times.

At a young age, Chamberlain enveloped himself in the outdoors, his faith and education. It was easy to tell early on that Chamberlain was different; different in the sense that he strived for something more than himself. He was a driven young man with a keen interest in adventure. When it came time for Joshua to leave home, he was faced with the decision of entering the church or going to WestPoint then on to the military. Joshua was intrigued by the idea of entering the service; however, the idea of being in the military during peacetime did not particularly appeal to him. So Chamberlain decided to enter the missionary, under the condition that he could travel to foreign lands. After being set on entering the church for several years, in 1848, Joshua decided to attend college at Bowdoin College at Brunswick. While in school, Joshua grew to be an introvert. He was, at first, a quieter young man, but grew to be a man

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with a strong voice and immense potential. In his third year at Bowdoin, Joshua won awards for best composition and oratory. Chamberlain finished school at Bowdoin, graduating Phi Beta Kappa with his bachelor's degree. Throughout school, Joshua developed a large reputation for standing tall for what he believed in, even in times of adversity. After school, Joshua went on to Bangor Theological Seminary for three years of seminary training.

In 1855, Chamberlain graduated from the Seminary and decided to marry his love from Bowdoin, Frances Caroline Adams. The two were an inseparable pair, even though Frances was 4 years older than he was. Considering Chamberlain’s massively positive reputation at Bowdoin, In the spring of 1856, Joshua was nominated as professor of rhetoric and oratory at Bowdoin and by 1861, was elected as chair of modern languages. Chamberlain was more than qualified for chair of modern languages, considering his mastery of multiple languages in preparation for his potential career in the ministry in foreign lands. Joshua had become fluent in 9 different languages, those including: Greek, Latin, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Syriac. After several years of teaching at Bowdoin, Joshua and Frances Chamberlain were graced with the birth of their daughter Grace, and son Harold.

With the onset of the American Civil War in 1861, Joshua’s childhood desire to serve his country came rushing right back. When war broke out, many of Joshua’s fellow Bowdoin alumni had enlisted immediately. Chamberlain felt a strong need to temporarily resign from his educational duties to serve his country. He asked for a leave...

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