Topics: Stain, Gram staining, Staining Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: January 31, 2015
Study Population
Research Design
Statistical Treatment
Brief conclusion
Eliana Ferreira Ozela,
Paulo César Stringheta, and Milton Cano Chauca
Anthocyanin in spinach vine (Basella rubra) fruits
In conclusion, the pigment extracted from the fruits of spinach vine (B. rubra) was more stable at pH 5 and pH 6. Increases in temperature and the presence of light affected the stability of this pigment. Results demonstrate that this pigment exhibits good stability and could be applied to foods as a natural food color.  The study is limited to the stability of anthocyanin in spinach vine (Basella rubra) fruits as natural food color 2009

De Leon, Manuel Latoza, Ani Gold Nues, Angelique Pilac, Maria Rae-Ghine, Sistoza, ChristinaJoy, Soliman Donna Grace, Zuñiga, Maria Christina, Mortel, Ferdinand METHANOLIC FRUIT EXTRACT OF
Basella rubra
Basella rubra
found to be an effective stain for normal blood cells. The use of methyl alcohol as extracting agent produces a better dye yield, and the correct ratio of blood to thedye was also identified. The dye was able to stain blood cells particularly red cells and even enhance withthe use of contrast reagents making white cells and platelets more visible. The study is limited to the ability of Basella rubra to effectively stain normal blood stain 1995

Del Mundo, Layah
Basella rubra as a biological stain

The alugbati extract turned out to be favorable stain for plant nuclei and organelles especially for Hydrilla verticillata and as substitute for crystal violet or safranin in Gram staining. The extract stained the bacteria red-orange and the plant nuclei, and the cytoplasm red and light pink, respectively. The study is limited to the ability of Basella rubra (alugbati) to be used as a biological stain 2011

Gel-O-Fury- Saavedra, Ralph Jayson Udaundo
Basella rubra (Alugbati) Fruit Extract as a Substitute for Hematoxylin...
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