Joseph Stalin vs. Maximilien Robespierre

Topics: French Revolution, Guillotine, Reign of Terror Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: May 7, 2005
Robespierre is known as possibly the greatest leader of the French Revolution. Stalin is known as one of Russia's greatest leaders. There are many differences and similarities in each of their reigns as leaders. Both used economic plans and total war effort as a campaign to further there revolution. Stalin and Robespierre used their revolutions, however, through terror Stalin remained true to his revolution but Robespierre betrayed his.

Stalin had an ingenious plan to help his country's economy get back on track. He called this plan the Five Year Plan which consisted of four parts. First was a plan to increase industrial output in five years because Russia was far behind the Great Powers of Europe. Second was the end of NEP, New Economic Plan, in Russia. NEP was another way of saying collectivization. Third was more focused to the increase of steel production, which they were able to do by five hundred percent. And lastly was his commitment of investing one-third of the government's income to industry.

Robespierre had a similar economic takeover tied in with his total war effort. Robespierre's "total war" effort helped both to better the economy and unite France. His effort included a draft of all able bodied, single men, fixed prices on goods, and the "bread of equality"; bread that was made from regular wheat and not the wheat used in pastries which were often viewed as "rich people" food. The total war effort also included the alliance of all the businesses and people to help and support the army by providing necessary goods and services. This resulted in extreme patriotism and nationalism amongst the French people.

With every great leader there are great supporters as well as great enemies. This was especially true with Stalin and Robespierre. The French aristocracy was a major block for Robespierre because the opposed his love and giving freedom of the lower classes. Robespierre set out a reign of terror directed to those who may oppose the...
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